Louisiana Fly Fishing

Louisiana’s marshes are one of the most expansive ecosystems in the world. The amount of wildlife that is accessible is unbelievable.  Louisiana is truly “The Sportsman’s Paradise”, and has to be witnessed firsthand to get a true sense of the words.  We fish in the “Biloxi Marsh” an area southeast of New Orleans near the town of Hopedale.  This area is known as the redfish capitol of the world, and lives up to that name.  Coming to Louisiana to fly fish not only brings the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime, but it also brings the opportunity to witness up close and personal, what most people only get to see on television.  Louisiana marshes are truly a visual experience.  Throughout your day of fishing, you have the opportunity to watch “tailing” reds and black drum, dolphins, and a vast expanse of waterfowl, not to mention the beauty of the marsh itself. Here in Louisiana, we are blessed with multiple targetable species when we go on a trip.  The areas you will have access to are truly world class and can only be found here.  Now, here is a little insight as to what fish you have a chance at on your expedition into “SaltyFly” country!††


The area we fish, “The Biloxi Marsh”, is called “the redfish capital of the world”. That phrase alone should be enough.  Redfish will be the main targeted species, as they are the most abundant, and an absolute blast on the fly!  These sticks of dynamite readily take flies and most of the time, take them with a vengeance.  Watching a redfish take a fly is one of the most exciting experiences I have ever witnessed. Redfish in these areas have little to no predators so they act like they would any other day.  They will readily tail, fin, and even have their entire back out of the water while feeding. The real kicker is, after you watch the take, you will see what I mean by dynamite.  Once the fish realizes he is hooked,  you better hold on for the ride!

Black Drum

These water “tanks” don’t have a quitting bone in their body.  Once you are able to get these bruisers to eat the fly, they fight like there is no tomorrow.  Don’t let their slowdemeanor while feeding trick you. Once you hook into one, power is the name of the game!


These guys are best described as the “Cajun Permit”.  These fish are abundant in the marsh and offer the skilled fly caster a nice challenge between redfish.  The sheepshead is a finicky fish with the ability to make your day, or make you pull your hair out. Sheepshead will readily chase your fly, but will only bite when it is presented just right.  If they are in the biting mood you’ll have a story to remember!


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