A Tale of Two Days…by Captain Rocky Thickstun

Two days of red fishing with Mr. Jeff, son Turley and Turley’s best friend Grant who were both 10 years old. Rough first day with a front moving through around 9:00am kicking up some pretty nasty winds to 20+mph.  The boys gave those redfish fits early while the tides were moving, and we worked them hard.  Covered lots of water and ended the day with redfish 5 and the boys from the volunteer state 4.  Day 2 was a very different story, Jeff and the boys readied themselves for a rematch.  The weather cooperated with nice blue skies, light north wind, and falling tides all morning.  First stop Grant puts the lure in the middle of a small school and bam! Moments later, Turley smacks down on another!  Mr. Jeff, not wanting to be left out of all this action hooks up with a 27” red that put up a heck of a fight.  It took Jeff about five minutes to boat the angry redfish, I think I saw some perspiration on Jeff’s brow after that one. Great, everyone’s got fish early, day 2 we continue catching fish and culling the larger ones so these guys can take home some tasty fillets. Around 10:30 am Turley hooks up on a redfish we see around 25 feet in front of the boat and I knew it was on!! BIG BOY, wow what a fight, Turley had EVERYONE on the boat trying to “talk” that fish in the boat.  Very cool experience for the boys, Jeff, and myself.  A ten minute fight that seemed like a lifetime for everyone on board landed a 20 pound monster, great fish Turley.  As the day continues, Grant boats his best at 10 pounds a fish that inspired another redfish battle!  We took photos of all the big boys and some of the average fish all of which were very pretty in their best marsh red colors. We get in and I go to send the photos to mom…………and no MEMORY CARD and I was the only guy with a camera.  Well guys, you and I know that you’re great sportsman, and the redfish of Louisiana TREMBLE at your names. Great day, lots of fish, and great memories.

Captain Rocky

One thought on “A Tale of Two Days…by Captain Rocky Thickstun

  1. Dont forget your Hat , you cant make a long cast on the last day to a big fish on the money without it .
    Thanks Rocky
    Blaine Garrett

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