I found true love in the East Cape Lostman… by Lucas Bissett

When I meet Captain Rocky this morning the only thing shining more than the huge smile on his face was his brand new boat.  Rocky pulled up to the dock with his brand new East Cape Lostman.  A boat I have been hearing about for the last few months.  Rocky kept telling me all the things this boat was capable of and I was sceptical to say the least.  I heard stories of the boat floating in 4″ of water and being stable enough to have three grown men on one side of the boat.  I was told the boat poled like a dream and tracked straight as an arrow.  I will admit these claims seemed too hard for any poling skiff to live up to .  I am here to tell you that after our trip today I am believer.  The winds this morning were gusting to 20 and the water had a nice chop on it.  The Lostman cut through the chop like a knife while we rode comfortably on the padded seats.  When we arrived to our first spot we instantly wanted to see how the boat floated.  Rocky poled it into some seriously skinny water and we floated right over a high flat with 4″ of water.  We also wanted to test stability so we both stood on the same back corner.  The deck of the boat never even went under and I am not the lightest person.  The rest of the fishing trip we poled to red fish that had never seen a boat.  I know this because there are no other skiffs that would make it into the places we were fishing.  I am here to say the East Cape Lostman lived up the hype.  The only thing “lost” about the Lostman, is my cynicism.

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