Don’t be afraid to make a switch even if you are catching fish…..

My trip to the Biloxi Marsh yesterday started with a bang.  Fish were being caught every ten minutes when we first got started.  The wind wasn’t blowing to hard and the fish were eagerly taking the Red Devil slider we had tied on.  As the day progressed the wind started to pick up and the fish started to slow down.    My fishing partner Captain Rocky Thickstun started to notice that the slider fly wasn’t sinking as fast as it had been
becausethe wind was pushing the fly line once it hit the water.  That slower sink was not allowing thefly to get down to the fish fast enough and we were missing fish in similar situations we had caught them in earlier in the day.  Rocky suggested we make a switch to a faster sinking fly that would get down to fish that were starting to get sluggish with the tide starting to level off.  At first, I was reluctant to make the switch because we were still catching fish. After Rocky pointed out that we were only catching one out of every three or four fish I decided to make the switch.

I tied on a new fly I had tied just the night before, a fly that has now been deemed the Redfish Wedge. This fly got its name after seeing it workthrough the water.  The EP fiber body lays back giving it a distinctive wedge shape.  The wedge has heavier lead eyes on it making it a rapidly sinking fly allowing it to get down to fish that were laying on the bottom not actively feeding.  The very next fish Rocky casted to inhaled the wedge making the switch a great idea.  I try to learn something new on every fishing trip I make and this trip was no exception.  I learned that if you want to turn a good trip into a great trip you sometimes need to turn to a new fly.

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